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Upgrading from SmartScore 10 Pro to X2

Should I uninstall SmartScore 10 Pro before I install SmartScore X2?
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Re: Upgrading from SmartScore 10 Pro to X2


Man, you might literally be "stuck" between a rock and a hard place right now with the apparent demise of Musitek support. Perhaps Tech Moderator will have a definitive answer. I don't really know: I'm still using the original SSX on an old WinXP machine. I was just never motivated enough with the new features to upgrade.

If it were me, I'd make sure I had a new restore point (and if like me your "recovery" plan includes a relatively recent image of your system drive and more recent incremental backups, perhaps a new backup as well) just in case. Then I'd just try running the installer. If it's really well written and un-installing the previous version is required, the installer will ask if you want to un-install it. Or it may just do it. Much of the software I now have is perfectly happy co-existing with previous versions. Sometimes you may have to straighten out issues with the default program to use for the application specific "file types".

It may also depend on your OS.

Hopefully ZootS will see your post: he's much more up-to-date on EVERYTHING than I am and is very, very helpful in such matters. I just didn't want to see you sit here waiting for some acknowledgement.

While searching for something totally unrelated, I happened upon the following entry on the FAQs pageof the Musitek website:

Do I need my prior version installed when upgrading to SmartScore X?

No. In fact, we recommend you uninstall your previous version of SmartScore prior to installing the upgrade. You will not loose any working ENF or TIFF files. NOTE: Be sure to uninstall BEFORE and not after installing SmartScore. If you wish to keep your prior version, install SmartScore into a separate directory (within the Program Files folder).

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SSX Pro V10.3.3.; WinXP-SP3 (32-bit)
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