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"Jump to" commands and repeats - RESOLVED

We're happy to announce, this problem has been fixed in our latest update - 5.1.0.

Version 3 users can recall that SmartScore lacked the ability to reproduce complex repeat and jump scenarios. This meant, if you had multiple endings with a D.S./D.C al Coda to be played after these repeats, SmartScore 3 couldn't handle it.

We've put a lot of work into adding this capability to SmartScore 5 - And it works! You now can reproduce repeats with multiple endings and jump commands within these repeats. However, we've just encounterd an issue where these "jumps" are now not working without the presence of repeat signs. We hope to resolve this soon.

As a workaround, you can add repeats in hidden mode where applicabile. Or in most cases, you can use multiple endings to recreate your playback scenario.

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