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Important alert for Mac users


I recently upgraded to Mojave, and ran into a MAJOR problem. The cursor does not change appearance, to indicate which tool has been chosen. The tool still works, but this is a pretty big inconvenience.

Tech support tells me that they are aware of it, but no patches will be issued. It has been addressed in the 64-bit rewrite of the app, but no information on when that might be. I’m not happy, but there it is.

Mike is the only Mojave user we know of who has this experience. If there are others, please mention it on this forum. It is possible there is a conflicting program running simultaneously or in the background.
NOTE: We do know that Microsoft Word for Mac may sometimes conflict and slow SmartScore.

Musitek Tech Support

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SSX2 Pro v. 10.5.8, Mac 10.13.3, Finale 25
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