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posticon Jumps, or even numbered jumps

Since Smartscore X2 Pro is in the main a scanning and formatting tool (and a great one at that!), I would like to see a method to handle publishing methods which increasingly try to save paper (understandably). And to simplify the "jumps" processes. When you have DS to Segne within repeat staves and a "to Coda" within that repeated system, of course Smartscore would get confused.
How neat it would be to either have numbered "jump" symbols, or even simple "jump to xx measure", with those jumps numbered as well? Eg. "1st time jump to measure xx", "1st return jump to measure xx", "2nd time jump to measure xx", and so on. Might not be traditional, but it would be great in those situations where a complex score has all sorts of embedded segues and codas within repeats.

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