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My wish list

I've been using SmartScore for over a year now to create practice tracks for my choral group. Here are some items on my with list:

 - When copying crescendos, decrescendos, and hairpins, copy the values associated with the object as well. Having to manually set the values for each part for a 6 or 8 part score is extremely time consuming.

 - When adjusting the start and end values of crescendos, decrescendos, and hairpins, allow the page up/page down increments to be customizable. I would like to set my increments to correspond with the dynamic steps. In other words, if the start value of a crescendo is mezzo forte (85), pressing page up would increment it to forte (95). Using the arrow keys would continue to make fine adjustments.

 - Delete lyrics by using the delete tool.

 - Delete notes by simply moving the cursor over the note to 'erase' it. This function is available in Cakewalk/Music Creator.

 - Have a feature to split voices into individual parts/staffs.

 - Fix the issue during playback where dynamics are way louder than the surrounding notes. I have to set the start and end volume values 20 below the surrounding notes.

 - Allow customizable zoom increments

 - Allow customizable tool bars

 - When adjusting the TIFF/ENF view panes using the slider, the screen layout resets. I am constantly having to reclose the Playback Console, Aria Player window, and find my place in the score because it scrolls back to the top. This is annoying.

 - I would like SmartScore to not go unresponsive when editing events in the event list.

That's it for now.
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