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Inserting overlapped notes.

This is how to insert a note that overlaps another:

[sign in to see URL] the note value and place your mouse above or below the existing note to be overlapped. Use the "S" key to set the stem direction. Make sure that the existing note highlights in LIGHT BLUE before clicking to enter your new note. Enter the note above or below the one that is to be overlapped.

[sign in to see URL] inserted, check that it is not the same color as the note above or below it. With your SHIFT key held down, drag the new note by its note head to the correct pitch so that both note heads are overlapped.
NOTE: To vertically align two notes of the same color, select them and hit the “Y” key.

[sign in to see URL] heads belonging to notes with different values will not overlap. They will become offset. This is a fixed rule.
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