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Hand position for SmartScore efficieny

Those new to SmartScore often pose the question whether the time spent editing your ENF is faster than entering the whole piece by hand into an application they are already familiar with. There's no question, editing is faster than composing. And, SmartScore has commands built into it specifically for editing in addition to composition tools.

So the real question is: How do you maximize efficiency when editing an ENF? The answer is simple, Hand position.

Here's a Power tip:
Take a look at page 85 of the manual. This hand position (left over ctrl, Z, X, C and right on the Mouse) gives you the most efficiency in SmartScore editing. Use this along with the quick keys map and you're in business. With your hands in this position, not only are you hovering over Ctrl (or cmnd in Mac OSX) for quick select, C or insert, Z for clusters and undo (ctrl/cmnd+Z), and X for delete, but your also in close proximity to D for Dots, V for ties, S for Stem flip and save (ctrl/cmnd+S), Space bar for playback, etc....

Utilize "Quick Select" as much as you can. Quick Select (ctrl+Click or Cmnd+click in Mac) allows you to click on any item residing in your sheet of music to grab that tool! You almost never have to go into the menus or tool palettes. Why wouldn't you see this in a composition software? Because you're usually starting with a blank page, there's nothing to click on.

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